The Petz Connekt Story

G’day there! We are Corey and Laura, the passionate co-founders of Petz Connekt, alongside our ultimate inspiration, our beloved Rottweiler, Arnie. As dedicated pet owners ourselves, we intimately understand the joy, love, and incredible bond that pets bring to our lives.

We were filled with excitement and anticipation when we first picked up Arnie from our breeder. However, we quickly realised that navigating the vast and diverse pet industry was no easy task. The sheer amount of information, products, and services available was overwhelming. Our own experiences, combined with stories from our siblings, parents, and friends who have dogs, cats, birds, and even exotic animals like bearded dragons, revealed the shared struggle in finding reliable resources and trusted products. All this valuable feedback drew us in, prompting us to delve into extensive research and work tirelessly to find a solution.

At Petz Connekt, we believe that our blog is just the start of an exciting journey. It’s a gateway to a world of fun and fascinating research that we conduct. We’re constantly exploring the pet realm’s latest trends, innovations, and scientific advancements. Our blog is where we share our discoveries, insights, and expert advice, keeping you up-to-date and inspired about all things pets.

But that’s not all. Behind the scenes, we’re working on research and development that will further revolutionise the pet industry. Our dedicated team of pet-tech enthusiasts are developing groundbreaking solutions to enhance how we connect with and care for our furry, feathery and scaly friends. We’re harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and emerging technologies to create extraordinary tools and features that will shape the future of pet ownership.

Join us on this adventure we connect with our pets. Together, we can create a vibrant and inclusive pet community that brings all joy, support, and inspiration.

Welcome to Petz Connekt—where pets reign supreme, and the love for our furry, scaly, feathery friends knows no bounds!

Corey & Laura McDonald

Meet Our Team

At Petz Connekt, our hearts beat in harmony with the profound bond shared between pets and their owners. Established by Corey and Laura McDonald, our team is a rich tapestry of talent and passion, with expertise spanning Project Management, Engineering, Finance, Sales, and a distinct affinity for pets. Each member contributes unique skills, underpinned by unwavering dedication to transforming the pet industry. United by our deep love for pets (and humans) and an unwavering commitment to celebrating the joy, companionship, and wonder of pet ownership, we create an unbreakable alliance. With a shared vision, we aim to develop an exceptional website, and in turn, a world-class application. Our goal is to connect pet owners, businesses, and experts seamlessly, empowering the pet community and enriching the lives of pets and their dedicated owners.
Corey McDonald | Managing Director, Co-Founder | Petz Connekt

Corey McDonald

Founder, Managing Director

One of the co-founders of Petz Connekt, Corey is our visionary Managing Director. With an unwavering passion for pets and technology, Corey brings together his expertise in business strategy, product development, and client and user experience. His entrepreneurial spirit and love for innovation drive the mission of Petz Connekt, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the pet industry. Corey’s exceptional leadership and forward-thinking approach pave the way for a comprehensive platform that revolutionises how pet owners worldwide connect and engage.

Laura McDonald | Operations and Business Development Manager, Co-Founder | Petz Connekt

Laura McDonald

Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Laura McDonald, a co-founder of Petz Connekt, is our dedicated Operations and Business Development Manager. With a genuine love for pet ownership and a keen understanding of its intricacies, Laura plays a crucial role in shaping the brand identity of Petz Connekt. Her expertise in marketing and business development, combined with her unwavering passion for pets, drives the platform’s success in connecting pet owners, businesses, and industry experts. Laura’s visionary leadership and deep commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team and the Petz Connekt community.

Arnie | The Inspiration | Petz Connekt


The Inspiration

Arnie, a Rottweiler and beloved member of the team, is the inspiration behind the team’s love and dedication to pets. Arnie’s presence and the experiences shared with him constantly remind us of the joy and companionship that pets bring into our lives. Arnie’s spirit fuels the team’s commitment to creating a platform that enhances the well-being and happiness of pets and their owners.

Our Colourful Extended Pet Family

A multispecies harmony of Love and Laughter
Our extended Petz Connekt pet family is a vibrant blend of paws, scales, and feathers. From spirited cats and playful dogs to flamboyant birds and captivating fish, our diverse clan celebrates the magic of unconditional love and acceptance. And guess what? We even have a calm, cool, and collected bearded dragon that enchants us with his serene presence!
It is this deep-rooted love and appreciation for pets that fuels our drive to make a difference in the world of pet ownership, supplies, and professional services. At Petz Connekt, our vision goes beyond providing a platform for connection and convenience. We are committed to revolutionising the pet industry and transforming the way pets are cared for, nurtured, and celebrated.